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who we are!

Divine Agency for Integrated Development (DivineAID), formerly called Divine Waters Uganda, was established in June 2001 as an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Uganda with the National Bureau for NGOs, focusing on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); Improved livelihood of the local communities, enhanced capacity of the local communities for self-sustainability.

Though the organisation was originally established with the main objective of providing safe drinking water for the people of northern and eastern Uganda who had little or no access to safe water, in 2018, after an in-house reflection on its core foundational pillars and identity/brand in view of its stakeholders, programs, visibility and the wider context in which it exists and functions. It was observed that several aspects of the organization no longer fit well with the changes in context, stakeholders in the broader sense, demands of the target communities, changes in the water sector and donor preferences.

It was also clear that the identity, vision, mission and strategic objectives of the organization no longer reflect well in the current trajectory of growth and development of Divine Waters Uganda now DivineAid. This had affected its visibility, relevance and effectiveness to the needs of the sector and target communities. The identity (name) enforces the wider perception that the organization is strictly “religious/faith-based” (DIVINE), while the WATERS intuitively portrayed the organization only in terms of water provision and related works. As a non-profit entity and therefore donor-dependent, the gaps identified had slowed resource mobilization for impact. The reflection further noted that the limitation of the name had made it difficult for the organization to expand its programs, including upscale engagements with the state actors on water service provision.

The organization had ambitions to increase its scope of outreach but had limited activities to WASH. In the new brand, DivineAid programs must impact all members of society regardless of their religious and other backgrounds.

The drive is now to enhance the inclusiveness of all stakeholders and beneficiaries necessitating an appropriate organizational name/brand and identity. Through its Coordinating role for Uganda Water and Sanitation (NGO) Network (UWASNET) members NGO in the Lango and Acholi region, the organization replicate learning that later led to increasing new thematic focus roles in the organization. This became clear that DivineAid’s own advocacy ambitions were not well articulated in the previous strategic plan of the organization. The gap had reduced chances for Divine Waters Uganda (now DivineAID) to effectively coordinate, advocacy in the WASH sector including mobilizing CSOs for common agenda in the sector. The development of a new strategic plan was the next to streamline directions, approaches and strategies in advocacy and working with the wider civil society entities in the new strategic focus.

our vision

a community living a holistic life in a healthy environment, through which it keeps

our mission

empower communities through capacity building, networking, research, partnership and collaboration with other development actors for the realization of holistic and sustainable development