Coady International Institute


Deleo Moses Ocen

I would like to thank Ryans Well Foundation for the grant support and the opportunity to participate in the Coady international development leadership 2015 at St. Francis Xavier University (STFX). The twenty weeks of intensive course has been remarkable with 41 participants from 19 countries. Coady International Institute is a renowned institution for leadership development and my expectations and experiences were enriched with different approaches and development principles.

STFX provided environment which is very conducive for learning; Staff and the University community demonstrated love and respect for all as well as the international students.

The courses are structured to allow progressive learning and throughout the eight completed courses, my learning included organizing, designing and implementing community development programms and featured knowledge and skills in transformational development that I hope to apply in our programs here in Uganda.

Coming home, my plans of action include: Action field research to relate the literature reviewed at Coady study in Omoro Sub-county project area; strengthening of social network with regional partner organizations; building of a social business model for Divine Waters Uganda (DWU); and contextualizing community participatory tools like Asset-based community development for community-led development with DWU team and use similar tools in designing, monitoring and evaluating community development programs.

I therefore do recommend development leadership for other development workers.

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