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Since 2001

From the beginning; Divine Waters Uganda has had the financial support of many private donors, foundations and corporate organizations. These ongoing contributions not only support our project and empowerment work, but also covers the basic costs that it takes to run an organization such as staff salaries, rent and office supplies.

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If you wish to donate offline please get in-touch with us on how to do so, someone will forward to you the details and instructions.

Let Us Know

Divine Waters Uganda welcomes donations from individuals, corporations, government and non-government organizations, however these donations should be addressed to DIVINE WATERS UGANDA and not to an individual or other organization, working on Divine Waters Uganda’s behalf. If you wish to give a donation to support an individual or community through Divine Waters Uganda; then address the donation to DIVINE WATERS UGANDA with that individual or community’s name as a Reason/Reference for your Donation.

Divine Waters Uganda holds itself to the highest standards of financial stewardship. We’re transparent about what we do and how we do it. We offer these things because we want to earn your trust, but more importantly, we want to serve more people, more effectively, every day.