Invest in Farming


Margret Okello

Margret Okello, a 56 year old lady of Abongo Awobi village in Omoro Sub-county, Alebtong District, said that, in March 2015 she slid and fell down and dislocated  her knee on a flooded path to her former water source and she has not fully recovered from this injury. Since she dislocated her knee Margret has been hiring people to fetch water for her at UGX100 (one hundred Uganda shillings) about US32 cents per 20 litre container. In her household, she uses 80 liters a day, this means she spent UGX12,000 a month on providing water for her household.

With the new water source constructed by Divine Waters Uganda in partnership with Ryans Well Foundation which is closer to Margret’s home, she can now walk and fetch her domestic water with ease. She does not have to buy water and will save at least UGX12,000 a month to invest in farming”

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