Jeniffer Amongi’s story

Jenifer, a 24 year old drop out of senior four (S.4) comes from a family of 7 members, with three of her siblings in School, Jenifer now fetches 60 litres of household drinking water from a unprotected spring and during school breaks she and her siblings fetch 160 litres a day.  The stagnant water source has been serving over 75 households in Aboke Sub-county, Kole district in northern Uganda.

Jenifer’s parents like other families that have bicycles; fetch 20 litres of Borehole water from a borehole [located 3 kilometers away from their home] everyday for their domestic drinking but the unprotected spring is the only source even for drinking water for their neighbors who do not have bicycles.

The new source is our God given resource because now I will not worry about riding 3kms at night if Dad delays to come home with the bicycle. We thank God for the provision and supply of safe water

said Jenifer

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