Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment (LEE)


Since 2001, DWU has provided safe water sources to over 34,000 households in Uganda and South Sudan

Northern Uganda, DWU’s major area of operation; has gone through a prolonged history of socio-economic problems ranging from civil unrest (war), famine and diseases all of these occurring as a result of the other. The climax of reoccurring insurgencies have led to the population displacement to Internally Displaced Peoples’ Camps (IDPCs) which led to poor social services, inadequate food supplies, and eminent abject poverty among the communities which makes the local community unable to pay for clean domestic water.

DWU therefore stepped in to fill the gap with the vision for “a whole man living with hope in a healthy Community Environment” and so as bound servants dedicated in providing safe drinking Water, adequate Sanitation, good Hygiene (WASH) set out to provide the Water Project solution

The Intervention

Well Drilling

At DWU our water project is aimed at benefiting the rural population of the areas in which we operate with access to safe water sources through drilling and

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Bio-Sand Water Filter

The Bio-Sand filter is a traditional slow sand water filter, it is specifically designed for intermittent use. Slow sand filtration has been used for centuries. 

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Rain Water Harvest Tank

Uganda’s growing urban sector (major and small towns) has safe water coverage standing at 66% therefore sanitation and hygiene interventions in

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