RE-Usable Menstraul Pads (RUMP)

This program reaches out to young females, helping them to create re-usable menstrual pads

Menstrual hygiene is a taboo subject in many parts of rural Uganda and yet it affects girls and women from their teenage to the age of forty years and above. Among the Langi (ethnic tribe in Northern Uganda), there are no traditional and cultural practices by which girls and young women are prepared to manage menstrual hygiene, making the girl child in the rural areas most vulnerable. The girls are left to learn either from peers or the elder girls of the family. Besides the lack of information, knowledge and skills for managing their menstrual periods, the private sector has not penetrated much into the rural areas with their market based solutions mainly due to affordability issues.

It is for these reasons and the effect it has on the education of girl child that SNV in collaboration with a local capacity builder (LCB) Divine Waters Uganda (DWU), engaged to provide capacity support services at the District Local Government (DLG) and school level to;

  • Prioritize menstrual management as an issue that affect girl child education
  • Promote participation of pupils, parents and communities, teachers, school administrators and governance structure and other development actors/stakeholders for sustainable innovations and approaches.

The programme which was initiated in schools within Aromo Sub-county by Divine Waters Uganda in partnership with SNV within Aromo Sub-county has now attracted female parents which are already into business making and selling to young rural girls.

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